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"Hemi Time"
Kansas Fastest 66' Dodge Charger

In October 1999 "Mopar Muscle Magazine" had an article featuring "The Return of the Lawman" - Al Eckstrnad. From all the muscle cars of that time, the Lawman toured Europe with a '66 Charger Hemi. He aroused the interest of some 250,000 soldiers in Europe that year. It has been years since a drag strip saw a '66 Charger and when my dad agreed to sell me his I hoped that my Charger would help continue to inspire the blending of old and new by others that love the cars that make up the grass roots for hot rods and would open some eyes like the Lawman did.

"Hemi Time" is streetable; it has a veteran tag and insurance. The interior is original, all four bucket seats with the console from front to rear. Actual mileage is 53,000. She still weighs in at 4,020 lbs with me. Restoration was a complete job, under side and all. I did not tub the car and I'm able to run 10.5 slicks with a Dana 60 - 410 gears with super stock leap springs. Yes, it is a leaf spring car. The hemi engine is #49 built by Mopar - it came as a 528 c.i. 610 hp motor, it is now a 549 c.i. 900 hp Hemi. I give her a 200 shot of NOS when on the strip and have a best pass of 9.41 @ 148 mph. It is definitely a get in, sit down, shut up and HANG ON CAR!

As a VietnamVeteran, "Hemi Time" carries the colors of the 1st Inf. Cav. 2/7 "ColdSteel" along with the POW decals...we will never forget you.

Ed Roberts

Wichita, Kansas


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